Hello this is an article about driving license in the Netherlands. In The Netherlands getting your driving license is very easy if you do it at de best driving school of the Netherlands. There is a difference on how to get your license compared to the United States. For example in The Netherlands your are not allowed to take driving lessons unless you are eighteen years old. The government is now verifying if its possible the bring down the age to sixteen years old. Bij doing this the will give young people to learn driving earlier. The driving license itself is not valid before the eighteen year, Many people in the Netherlands have doubts about this because a lot of young people are getting car accidents. The percentage of young people that get wounded or die in a car accident is much higher then we all wish to our next generation.

In the near future we will see what is going to happen whit all of the changes the dutch government is planning to implement. We all hope that statistics are getting much better in the near future.

The Netherlands is part of the European Union. Just like other countries like Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and much more. Strange thing is the European Union should more straighten rules trough those countries. But still there are much differences in the European Union. The rules in France are much different then in Belgium and rules in Germany are much different then in The Netherlands and so on! For example driving a highway in Germany you are allowed to drive at 130 kilometers an hour some part of the highway there are no speed limits and you can drive as fast as your car can go. Whit the Germans are driving big fast cars you can imagine that the highway in Germany is more like a flight way! Its not uncommon that cars are passing you whit 300 kilometers an hour. If you pass the border whit the Netherlands, you have to keep it to a 120 kilometers an hour speed limit. Quit a big contrast for countries that are both in the same Union.

Traffic in The Netherlands is much different whit other countries also. In the Netherlands there is a lot of aggressive people trying to get through the busy traffic. Its that people that are casing more traffic jams and are causing more accidents. These people will fill every gab in the traffic to put their cars is. We see in other countries that its also very busy but that people have more respect for each other.

We come back to the bottom-line of this release and that is that you take a good driving school for learning to drive in the Netherlands. Safe driving is very important for you but also for others that are sharing the road! Be careful whit the love ones of others and stick to the rules that apply to the situation.

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